How to build sales cadences

How to build sales cadences

“A good system shortens the road to a goal”

What does a sales cadence look like?

Cognism Sales Cadence

Day 1

“I can see you’re a sales/marketing leader with (x) years experience (I do this to add a bit of personalisation).”

“Typically I speak to sales leaders like yourself who share that their reps complain of not having the contact information that they need — I just wanted to see if that resonated with you?”

“Would it be a bad idea for me to send over some information so you can learn more?”

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

“Would it help your team if we could manually verify numbers for you?”

Day 10

“Help increase sales coming into the business, bad idea to learn more, (and include their first name at the end)?”

“Alright, that was quite a funny outreach. I’ll take a meeting.”

Day 12 & 15

Day 18

“Help a salesman pay for his wedding!”

Personalising your cadence for the customer persona

Test, test, experiment and guess what? Test some more!

How to build an effective sales cadence

Step 1: Who’s your ideal customer profile?

  • What industry do they work in
  • What size of company do they work for?
  • Who are their clients?
  • What time zone are they in?
  • What are the pain points they experience?

Step 2: Which channels are you using?

Step 3: How many times will you attempt contact?

Step 4: The time gap between each attempt

Step 5: How long will your cadence go on for?

Step 6: What are you going to say?

  • What messaging will resonate with your prospect?
  • What word choice shows off your personality?
  • What value can you provide?
  • What methods will make you stand out from the crowd?

Step 7: Test and optimise

Step 8: Your follow-up routine

Trust the process

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