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What if we told you that your buyers are making their most important buying decisions in places you can’t track?

It’s true, and it’s called:

The dark funnel…

Sounds pretty spooky, doesn’t it?

No need for alarm; it’s nothing sinister. The term was coined by 6Sense; it was made popular by intent data providers to activate outbound sales and capture the attention of buyers in the places they actually buy.

In this article, we look at how marketers can use the dark funnel practically to do better marketing, with insights from marketing experts .

This is what lead generation looks like at most B2B/SaaS companies:

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s a system based on volume, rather than actual, real buyer intent.

As long as 1,000s of leads are entering the pipeline every month, we’re happy.

But how many of those leads are actually converting? Just because a lead meets the MQL criteria, for example, doesn’t mean they’re actively looking to buy, right this second.

What’s the impact of this?

It means that supposedly “qualified” leads are being handed over to AEs, who then struggle to close accounts they were told were ready to…

What’s Joe Harlowe, Cognism’s Account Development Representative, more afraid of?

Bungee jumping?


Cold calling real-life B2B prospects on a live webinar?!

We’re not sure about the former, but the latter is something that Joe actually did!

It happened on a joint webinar with Sales Hacker. It was hosted by Colin Campbell and featured Josh Braun, Founder, Josh Braun Sales Training, and Ryan Reisert, Founder of Reisert Consulting.

From training and scriptwriting to an actual live demonstration of a cold call, this blog rounds up all the key action points that were discussed.

Detaching from the outcome 🧷

When cold calling your prospects, you’ve got…

At the B2B Marketing Expo Virtual 2021, Cognism CMO, Alice de Courcy, gave a talk on demand marketing.

The talk reflected the journey Cognism has taken themselves; evolving their marketing focus from lead generation and lead acquisition to demand generation.

Alice then explained what this means in a practical sense. The tactics that we’ve implemented to enable this transition, and also the results we’ve seen first-hand.

This isn’t a talk from a marketing theorist — it’s a demonstration of Cognism’s proven marketing method.

If you’re looking to sharpen your marketing team’s edge, you’re in the right place.

Generating more ‘direct demand’

A definition of…

Imagine how easy B2B prospecting would be if…

A prospect popped your company’s name into Google, clicked on your website, immediately requested a demo, AND you closed the deal, all within a few days.

Yeah, keep dreaming! 😴

🚨 Controversial opinion alert! 🚨

In B2B sales, salespeople may work hard…but the prospect works harder. 😈

When seeking a particular product or service, prospects will do all this and maybe more:

  • Visit a bunch of websites
  • Read articles and reviews
  • Attend webinars
  • Download whitepapers
  • Follow people on LinkedIn

Why do they do all this? To get as much information as they…

LinkedIn has 260 million users. Wanna hazard a guess at how many of those create content?


Or in other words, 99% of people use LinkedIn passively.

But what are the reasons for this tiny pool of posters?

Well, the professional sphere is slightly more complicated than the personal one. People in all industries, not just B2B SaaS sales and marketing, are blocked by a number of factors. These include:

  • Imposter syndrome. Potential content creators feel like they’re not experienced enough to be telling people how to do their jobs.
  • Lack of ideas. Potential content creators struggle to work out…

Marketing has stood the test of time, evolving and expanding its reach from posters and pamphlets to all things digital.

And while it portrays a chameleon of emotions, one thing has stayed true when it comes to marketing — it’s loud.

Yes, it can be clever, but consumers know when someone is selling them something…

The pandemic and social media have opened the world’s eyes to more and more social issues and injustices, and marketing is starting to change as a result.

Enter human to human marketing — the way of the future.

We spoke to a couple of LinkedIn…

Andrew Haines is a highly-experienced marketing/PPC consultant. He gave us 10 tips for improving Facebook ads. Scroll down to see our ultimate guide.

In B2B marketing, a lot of marketers will look to LinkedIn for advertising over Facebook. But are you missing out on a key, cheaper channel?

If you can get Facebook advertising right in B2B, it can represent a powerful channel for your lead generation and often at a far lower cost than LinkedIn. So we asked an expert how they get success from Facebook.

Andrew Haines is a highly-experienced marketing consultant. His consultancy business, Mission Three60, supports…

We sat down with Dean Seddon from Maverrik to get his seven top tips for LinkedIn advertising success. Let’s find out more.

LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for B2B professionals, with 675 million monthly users, including 80% of the people who ‘drive business decisions’.

However, even if you’re using it to publish content and drive brand awareness, you could be missing out on valuable leads. To really use LinkedIn to its full B2B lead generation potential, you have to try LinkedIn advertising.

In 2018, 26% of social media marketers were using LinkedIn ads, but 58% of B2B marketers

Sophie Logan is the PPC Manager at Adzooma. We interviewed Sophie about the steps she takes to optimise Google ads. Scroll down for more.

Sophie Logan is the PPC Manager at Adzooma, the market-leading digital advertising platform. She is an expert in Google search and ads, and pursues a smart, data-driven approach to paid media advertising.

We recently interviewed Sophie about the steps she takes to optimise Google ads at Adzooma. If you’re struggling to get good B2B lead generation results from paid ads on Google, then Sophie’s advice will definitely help you out.

Here are the 10 questions we…


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